The City Government of Davao, through the City Economic Enterprises (CEE), on Friday opened the newly rehabilitated Tagakpan Public Cemetery.

The Tagakpan Public Cemetery stands on a 2.3-hectare lot.

“This is the second rehabilitated public cemetery of Davao City. First is the Wireless Public Cemetery,” said Joanne Esperancilla, officer in charge of the CEE’s Cemetery Operation.

The cemetery now has 564 units of compartmentalized niches, 560 ossuary units, 174 mass grave niches, a Muslim cemetery, open space for Muslim burial, a bone depository, public comfort rooms, two administrative buildings, and guard houses.

“Sa Phase One project natin, we have the concrete fence, we have the concrete road na, then concrete-lined canal,” she added.

Esperancilla said the compartmentalized niches will include a six-year contract, subject for renewal. Non-renewal of the contract will mean either the remains will be moved to the cemetery’s ossuary niches which is renewable annually or placed in the cemetery’s bone depository.

The fees for a compartmentalized niche range from P6,160 to P8,800.

Esperancilla said that although residents of Barangay Tagakpan and nearby areas will have the easiest access to the cemetery and its services, citizens all over Davao City and beyond are welcome to bury their dead in the Tagakpan Public Cemetery.

More compartmentalized niches, ossuary niches, a columbarium with a chapel, a perimeter fence, and entrance/exit gates will be added on as the facility’s rehabilitation enters its second phase.

Friday’s opening ceremony was attended by Mayor Sebastion Duterte, Councilor Alberto Ungab, CEE Head Maximo Macalipes Jr., Tagakpan Barangay Captain Joel Juntong, barangay functionaries and others. CIO