Online Payment


Pay in 5 simple steps:


1. For Businesses, perform one time registration of your official email address to activate your online order of payment (OP).  Click Here


For other payment transactions, please proceed to the designated office to secure your OP.


2. Go to and select the ONLINE OPTION then PROCEED TO ONLINE PAYMENT or go to and select Link.BizPortal


3. Select PAY NOW in the Link.BizPortal and search or select from the list: CITY GOVERNMENT OF DAVAO


4. Input your transaction details:

  • Select the transaction type

  • Select payment options


  • Type contact details

  • Type the security code

The Transaction Details & Payment Summary will be displayed after successful entry of the transaction.


5. Input the security details of your chosen payment option

  • Confirm your payment (Successful Payment prompt is displayed)

  • Select OK to continue


Payment Confirmation Slip will be displayed and be printed.