The Davao City Educational Benefit System Unit (EBSU) will accept applicants to its scholarship programs from June 3-14, 2024.

EBSU Technical Assistant Emilio Domingo Jr., in an interview with the City Information Office on Friday, said that for the school year 2024-2025, their office will accept more or less 300 indigent and deserving students who want to proceed to tertiary education or take up medical and law courses for the incoming school year.

Scholarships are offered through the city government’s Scholarship on Tertiary Education Program (STEP), the Medical Education Assistance Program, and the Law School Assistance Program.

EBSU, for the school year 2023-2024, has provided a list of approved priority courses for STEP. These courses are divided into four categories: Teacher Education, Information and Technology Education, Health Profession Education, and Social Sciences.

Each STEP scholar will get Php 25,000 per semester. Eligible scholars may choose the course and the school they will enroll in, however, applications for state universities are not accepted.

Full and half scholarships for Medical and Law schools are also open.

In a previous interview, Domingo said that a full scholarship for medical and law schools means the full payment of tuition and miscellaneous fees with a Php 20,000 book allowance for medical school and a Php 8,000 book allowance for law school. Half scholarship means half of the tuition and miscellaneous fees, and also half for the book allowance.

For the year 2023-2024, EBSU has a total of 2,368 scholars enrolled in different Universities and Colleges in Davao City. As of May 24, 2024, 243 graduates are belonging to the Class of 2024 under the various educational assistance programs of EBSU.

According to Domingo, they expect more scholars to be graduating.

More details on the EBSU-STEP Application will be posted on the City Government of Davao Page. CIO