The 20th City Council passed on Tuesday a resolution demanding the DPWH to expedite their pending road repair projects and finish pending infrastructure projects

In a privilege speech given during Tuesday’s regular session, Councilor Edgar Ibuyan lamented the numerous road repair projects of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) that he alleged are haphazardly undertaken.

Ibuyan said most of these projects are either gratuitous as prior road conditions were still satisfactory and did not warrant repairs; or simply lacked proper planning, pertaining to DPWH’s repeated failure to secure road right of away before starting construction, resulting to unfinished roads and traffic congestion.

The councilor opened his privilege speech by reading out several complaints from Dabawenyos about the seemingly arbitrary road works all over the city.

“You know the general public says DPWH means ‘Dagha’g Projects, Wala’y Human’. This is because of the persisting issues such as the unfinished road repair projects in Guadalupe Village, Matina Pangi, Mamay Road, Cabantian-Indangan Road, and a lot more,” he said.

The councilor said the city and its visitors are suffering especially during heavy rains where streets become heavily flooded due to the unfinished road repairs.

Despite the many times the council has called out the department, the councilor said the DPWH has yet to address the issue.

“We insist that DPWH must act swiftly, fix and restore to good condition all roads they have already damaged before trying to destroy new roads within Davao City,” Ibuyan said. CIO