Mayor Inday Sara Duterte has enjoined all Dabawenyos to join the 82nd Araw ng Davao celebration,but advised parents to leave children safe at home if they want to watch Parada Dabawenyo on Saturday, March 16.

“Don’t bring your small children if you go out to watch the civic and military parade for the 82nd Araw ng Davao celebration on Saturday,” Mayor Sara said, citing the searing heat of the sun which could easily harm small children especially the babies.

“It is better for parents to leave their children at home because they are vulnerable to heat stroke,” she pointed out.

The mayor also advised those attending or watching the parade to drink lots of liquid, bring crackers or candies so they will not go hungry during the long parade.

“Keep yourself hydrated because we cannot afford to have incidents of heat stroke,” she said.

Saturday’s civic and military parade is the major culminating activity of the Araw ng Davao where over 400 people are participating.

“There are 447 participants for the parade this year, it is better if they have some food with them that they can eat while the parade is ongoing to avoid hunger, dizziness and fainting,” she said.

Aside from these, the mayor also asked the public to bring with them extra clothes, hat, fan, and umbrella.
The mayor, however, reminded the public to cooperate with the security measures implemented by the security forces.

Among the dos and Don’ts are the bringing of backpacks, big bags, boxes, canisters and bottled water, bladed weapons and unauthorized wearing of military uniforms if they are not members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police (PNP). CIO