The Davao City COVID-19 Task Force has reiterated its call for senior citizens and persons with comorbidities to have their booster shots for added protection against the severity of the disease that could result in death.

Davao City COVID-19 Task Force spokesperson Dr. Michelle Schlosser, in a recent broadcast aired over 87.5 FM Davao City Disaster Radio (DCDR), said, “The Vaccination Cluster is emphasizing the need for seniors and those in the vulnerable sector (immunocompromised and persons with comorbidities) to get their booster shots. The data is showing us it’s not enough to just be fully vaccinated.”

In the last morbidity week 36, at least 11 of the 19 deaths were senior citizens, including six who already received the two-dose primary series but never had any booster shot. The other five were unvaccinated.

“Sa atong mga senior citizens, immunocompromised, please avail of your boosters kay kamo gyud duna’y pinaka highest number of deaths (To our senior citizens, please avail of your boosters since your age group has the highest number of deaths),” Schlosser said.

According to her, studies show that the COVID-19 vaccines’ effectiveness waned after six months, which is why boosters are needed. Other routine vaccines for children and adults also needed to be received periodically like flu shots that are taken yearly while regular children’s vaccines also have their boosters.

Fully boostered seniors and persons with comorbidities, when infected with COVID-19, usually manifest mild symptoms while some of those in other age groups don’t have symptoms at all. In both cases, there is no need for hospitalization.

The Vaccination Cluster reported during the Davao City COVID-19 Task Force meeting on Monday, September 19, that Davao City logged a total of 1,361,872 first dose vaccinations as of September 16, which is 102.60 percent of the target population of 1,327,323 (80 percent of the total population).

The second dose vaccination is at 100.94 percent (1,339,776) of the target population.

Meanwhile, of the 1,339,776, who got their first doses, 311,993 or 43.37 percent received their first booster shots. However, only 9.02 percent or 64,915 got their second booster jabs.

In the A2 population age group (senior citizens), only 41.93 percent (35,395) out of the 107,775 fully vaccinated have taken their first boosters. Of these, only 13.87 percent (11,706) got their second boosters. The target population for seniors is 144,196.

Booster rollout is also low among 18 to 59 years old at 51.47 percent (271,704) – first booster, 10.08 percent (53,207) second booster out of the 845,411 target population; and 12-17 years old – 4.59 percent (4,894) first booster out of the 149,332 target population.

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