The worsening traffic situation in many parts of the city has prompted Councilor Conrado Baluran to push for the passage of the “no parking space, no new car” ordinance ahead of a similar proposal pending in the Senate.

In his observation, Baluran said the vehicles parked along the busy streets contributed to the traffic congestion.

“During peak hours, we can really observe the traffic congestion and it is because of those vehicles parked along the road. We want to put a stop to it.” Baluran said.

“We will ask car dealers not to allow customers to purchase vehicles without a certificate of parking space just to make sure that those who will buy cars really have a parking area.”

Using the roads as parking spaces is also visible in residential areas. Homeowners, Baluran said, turn the roads into their own garage.

The ordinance will not only affect those in residential areas, but also the establishments that do not have parking spaces for their own car and their clients.

Baluran noted that the previous city council passed a resolution encouraging investors to invest in the construction of a high-rise car park to address lack of parking space in the city.

Baluran said he wants the measure materialized to ease traffic in the city,” he said. CIO