The Bagobo-Klata and the Kagan tribes emerged as winners during a heated battle of speed, skill, and strategy between the 11 tribes of Davao in the 8th Dula sa Kadayawan held on August 17 at People’s Park.

The Bagobo-Klata tribe won in seven out of the 11 games. The games are Sisibow (Girls)- a game similar to siatong, Kakasing- game of wooden spinning tops, Sosakoro- race of water fetching using bamboo, Bibinayo- rice pounding, Totaringki- a fire-making contest using indigenous materials, Solopot- target shooting using a blowgun and Siklot- a game similar to jackstone game. This is the sixth year the Bagobo-Klata ruled in the Dula sa Kadayawan.

The Matigsalug tribe came in second place after winning the Pana contest (arrow shooting), Bubuntug or bamboo spear throwing, and Usuroy or Tug of War.

The Bagobo-Tagabawa won the Sisibow (Boys), Obu-Manuvu clinched the major prize for the Karang (wooden stilts), and the Ata emerged as runner-up.

Record-breaking also is the win of the Matigsalug for the Usoroy, and the win of the Ovu Manuvu in the game of Karang as it was more than five years that the Bagobo-Klata held the top spot for the said games.

Meanwhile, the Kagan tribe became the overall winner in the Moro games after winning three games – Kagkingking (one-legged race) which is a newly introduced game, Kanggarotaya (Tug of War), and Sipa sa Manggis (ball kicking game with the aim to hit suspended boxes).

The Iranun tribe won second place after winning the also newly introduced Moro game the Kakokor or coconut wringing and milking contest and Sipa sa Lama- a game similar to takyan but with more grace and ceremony. The Maranao tribe clinched the third spot after they won the Kambaebae- the Moro version of Maria went to Town.

The whole-day event ended with a warm awarding ceremony where the winners of the games were given medals and cash prizes.

Marvin Domingo, tribal Chieftain of the Bagobo-Klata and Dula sa Kadayawan IP Tribe Coordinator, told the City Information Office that this year’s Dula sa Kadayawan was a huge success given the fact that each tribe coordinated and participated well in the events and was able to show their culture.

“Grabe kainit ang kompetisyon pero nagpabilin gihapon ang kahiusahan sa tribo sa pagpadayag as kultura ug tradisyon sa tribo pinaagi sa dula. (The competition was very heated but the unity of the tribes prevailed to show their culture and tradition through the games),” Domingo said, adding that understanding and tolerance among the tribes were evident in the games.

He also noted that Dula sa Kadayawan is very important to them, as Indigenous Peoples, because beyond the competition and prizes, they were able to showcase their culture to the younger generations and help their tribes thrive more.

Domingo said he is thankful to the local government and all the stakeholders, which made the event successful.

Before the event, the IPs from far-flung barangays were given free transport by the city government and they were also provided billeting quarters while they are in the city. Free food – breakfast, lunch, and dinner h were also provided to the tribes. LED TV showcasing a live coverage of the games outside the gaming area for the Dula was also enjoyed by members of 11 tribes as they rested in their respective tents provided for them. CIO