Food assistance pours for Barangay 23-C with fresh foods donated by farmers to boost the health and nutrition of the residents as the area entered the third day of hard lockdown since Saturday.

The City Agriculturist’s Office, the City Veterinarian’s Office joined efforts with the City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) by delivering assorted fresh products gathered from donations of the farmers.

City Agriculturist Leo Brian Leuterio said his office gathered a total of 480 kilos fo assorted vegetables from farmers who donated to the residents of Barangay 23-C.

“The vegetables were donated by kind-hearted farmers of Marilog and the Davao Food Terminal Complex as food aid to the residents of Barangay 23-C,” he said.

Leuterio said his office is also awaiting some 200 kilograms additional assorted vegetables from other farmer organizations in the city to be delivered anytime soon.

Dr. Cerelyn Pinili, Chief City Veterinarian, said her office also distributed 2,000 pieces of dressed chicken to the area as initial assistance. She said that milk and another round of dressed chicken to be delivered next week.

The Davao City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) has already delivered 6,266 grocery packs to targetted beneficiaries in Barangay 23-C. CIO