Task Force Davao (TFD) commander Colonel Consolito Yecla has sought the help of Public Utility Vehicle (PUV) drivers and barangay tanods in the government’s campaign against terrorism.

Yecla said that at least 1,300 drivers and 700 city paid tanods attended the anti-terrorism lecture that the TFD conducted on Sunday.

Yecla highlighted the role of the drivers and tanods in preventing acts of terrorism in the city.

“They can help prevent the entry of terrorists in the city. The terrorists are based outside Davao. We can limit the freedom of movement of terrorists if drivers and tanods will support us,” he said.

Yecla said the cooperation and support of the drivers to the security forces can lead toward the effective implementation of the security measures against terrorists.

“We can prevent the use of public transport as a means of carrying out terrorist attacks and withdrawals. PUVs can be used as car bombs. In the night market bombing, the bombers used a taxi in moving out of their target,” Yecla added.

He said the drivers and tanods can report to the authorities if they noticed something that will hamper the security of the city.

“We now have a universal secret code with drivers if they have suspicious passengers. They can use it to inform authorities during checkpoints and other circumstances,” he said.

The anti-terrorism lecture is part of the culture of security that the TFD wants to implement.

Under the culture of security, everyone plays a big role. Every Dabawenyo is asked to be vigilant and to immediately report to authorities if they notice something or someone unusual, Yecla said. CIO