A total of 44 former members of an insurgency group on Tuesday formally surrendered to the authorities in a ceremony at the Barangay Paquibato Proper Gymnasium.

The surrenderees were presented by the Peace 911 program, along with members of 10th Infantry Division-Agila, and were ceremonially turned over to the jurisdiction of the Davao City Police Office (DCPO).

The ceremony was attended by Mayor Sebastian Duterte, Eastern Mindanao Command Deputy Commander Brigadier General Consolito Yecla, Peace 911 Focal Person Atty. Jonah Presto and DCPO Deputy City Director PLt Col Jed Clamor.

Also in attendance were Public Safety and Security Office Head Angel Sumagaysay, lawyers from the Public Attorney’s Office XI, CSWDO Head Judy Dayaday, Barangay functionaries, and other public officials.

In his speech, the mayor said the city government will ensure the livelihood of the surrenderees and their day-to-day living as law-abiding citizens.

Duterte assured the surrenderees that the local government will find a way to make their re-integration to society as swift and comfortable as possible.

PAO Regional Director Atty Suseyline Bakino-Abtarol assured the surrenderees that their legal concerns will be prioritized in order to usher them towards their new lives in mainstream society.

According to Peace 911 Focal Person Atty Jonah Presto, the former rebels will be given the chance to become peacebuilders, helping the city government’s efforts to maintain the peace and enhance the security situation of the city. CIO