Following the recent order released by the Philippine National Police’s Police Regional Office XI (PNP PRO XI) relieving 35 Davao City Police Office (DCPO) personnel, the Davao City Council moved to invite the PRO XI Regional Director during the next regular session of the 20th City Council to provide the city and its people an explanation.

“We will invite the Regional Director or his representative to provide the city of Davao an explanation as to why such a huge number of our personnel have been relieved at this time,” First District Councilor and Peace and Public Safety Committee Chairperson, Luna Maria Dominique Acosta said during the 20th Regular Session of the 20th City Council.

On May 22, 2024, a total of 35 DCPO personnel were relieved of their duties under the grounds of allotting time for the investigation of the buy-bust operations conducted from March 23 to March 26.

During the 20th regular session of the city council, a resolution supporting the statement of the City Mayor condemning the removal of a huge number of DCPO personnel was passed. Through the resolution, the City Council reiterated the call of the city mayor for accountability and transparency in handling the case of the relieved personnel.

Meanwhile, Acosta also said that the new director of the Department of the Interior and Local Government will be invited to the next regular session to give further information on the situation.

The Davao City Councilors also urge the PRO XI, especially the Regional Internal Affairs Service (RIAS) XI, to ensure the prompt and unbiased resolution of the investigation. CIO