Security forces in Davao City demonstrated their commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of Davao City residents during the comprehensive simulation exercise (Simex) conducted on December 7, 2023, in Juna Subdivision.

Through the exercise, the security cluster, spearheaded by the Public Safety and Security Office under the City Mayor’s Office and through the Task Force Davao, accomplished its purpose of simulating near-real scenarios that closely mirror the dynamics and complexities of the real world. The simulation considered the current security challenges in Western Mindanao and Central Mindanao and the broader global security landscape.

The security forces accomplished their tasks well in the areas of strategic scenarios, securing public convergence areas, and the swift tracking and apprehension of the simulated perpetrators.

For the strategic scenario, the security forces were able to assess and enhance their immediate response capabilities on a supposed bombing scenario in Juna Subdivision.

During the simulation, all the public convergence areas, including places of worship, were effectively secured. This highlighted the dedication to safeguarding the community and ensuring public safety in various settings.

The security forces proficiently and swiftly tracked and apprehended the simulated perpetrators, underscoring the coordination and effectiveness of the city’s security.

The success of the simulation exercise was the result of the collaborative efforts of the security and safety cluster composed of Task Force Davao, Davao City Police Office, Joint Special Operation Forces 1, SOCOM, AFP, Tactical Operations Group 11, TOW-EM, Naval Force Eastern Mindanao, Coastguard District Southeastern Mindanao, Regional Maritime Unit 11, Bureau of Fire 11, National Intelligence Coordinating Agency 11, Public Safety and Security Office, City Information Office, City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, City Transport and Traffic Management Office

Task Force Davao Commander Col. Darren E. Comia expressed his gratitude for the participation of the different members of the Safety and Security Cluster and congratulated them for a job well done.

He emphasized that preparedness, coordination, proactive measures, and effective communication are the key elements in maintaining a safe and secure Davao City.

The Simex is only one of many Simex conducted by the security forces to ensure the city’s safety. It is anchored on EO 62, Series of 2021 (An Order Adopting the Integrated Response on Terrorism Plan (USAHAY II) of TF Davao and Activating the Joint Security Forces Cluster in the Event of Terror Attacks). CIO