City Planning and Development Coordinator Engr. Ivan C. Cortez, EnP warned the public anew about buying raw lots. Raw lots are agricultural lots that are sold as residential subdivisions without permits from the government. These lots cannot be titled and they do not have approved plans for an access road, or drainage.

Cortez, in a message to the City Information Office on Friday, said that people should not waste their money and avoid problematic situations as a result of buying these lots.

“Likayi ang pagsulod sa problemado nga sitwasyon. Ayaw usiki ang inyong hinaguan sa yuta nga dili pwede ma-subdivide kay walay approval, clearance ug permit, likayi ang kaso nga ipasaka kanimo sa pagpatukod og balay sa bawal nga luna (Avoid entering into a problematic situation. Do not waste your resources for a lot that cannot be subdivided because it did not have any approval, clearance and permit, avoid the cases that will be filed against you for building a house in an unauthorized area),” Cortez warned

Cortez said that the selling of raw lots is very rampant on social media. These are being advertised as lots that can be paid monthly and immediately available for the construction of houses.

“Mao ni ang usually makita nato sa posts na pwede ra monthly ang payment pero pwede na dayon tukuran daw og balay. Unya pakitaan ramo ana sa seller og mother title ug subdivision plan nga dili approved. (These are those that are being offered for monthly payments and can allegedltly be immediately occupied for construction. The sellers usually show the mother title and a subdivision plan which is not approved).

He added that the public should be wary of these types of advertisements because the implication is since the “raw lot” is agricultural, the mother title will not be approved for subdivision, and hence cannot be titled.

Cortez added that under PD 957 there are provisions followed for subdividing a property before it can become residential lots. These regulations would ensure that the area is suitable for housing like proper drainage, roads, and that it is far from landslides or floods

“Now kung mupalit ta aning raw lots, aside sa dili matitulohan ang yuta na napalit, walay proper development ang area ani, walay tarong na kalsada, walay drainage, magpundo ang baho gikan sa kusina ug septic. Mao kung mahimo, mangita usa ta sa license to sell, development permit and registration of the project bago mupalit og maskin unsa nga property. (Once you buy these raw lots, aside from the fact that they cannot be titled, there will also be no proper development of the area. There are no proper access roads, and no drainage, the odor from your drainage water will stay in your kitchen to the septic. So if you can, please look for a license to sell, development permit, and registration of the project before buying any property),” he said.

For more information about raw lots, the public may contact the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD), through this contact number 297-2399. CIO