The National Telecommunications Commission Region 11 has urged residents to register their Subscriber Information Module (SIM) cards within the 90-day extension as those who were not registered from the previous deadline last April 25 may suffer from non-functioning applications that are connected to their mobile phone numbers.

NTC XI Regional Director Nelson Cañete, during the I-Speak Media Forum on Thursday, said the public should expect the 90-day extension to be a “thrilling extension” as it is not the same as the past 180 days given for the registration of SIM cards.

“Naay hinay-hinay nga pagkaltas. Siguro in the next 30 days basin kadtong wala pa ka-register kuhaan sila og TikTok app, sunod kuhaan napod sila siguro og ubang mga apps nga dependent sa ilahang number .. they will be barred from downloading apps nga dependent sa cellphone number (There will be slowly cutting off [of services]. Maybe in the next 30 days, those who were not able to register can no longer use TikTok App, the next would be other apps dependent on their number.. they will be barred from downloading apps that are dependent on cellphone numbers),” Cañete said, adding that those who were not able to register should not be surprised if they can no longer use their cellphone applications.

Cañete said that the apps will ask for an update, so the cellphones which are not yet registered will be denied access by the servers. They can only continue if they use a registered number.

He said that as of May 3, 2022, across all networks, only 95 million out of 170 million were able to register their SIM cards and hopefully the remaining target will be reached during the 90-day extension.

He said that the extension was pushed as there are women, senior citizens, and persons with disabilities who were not able to register yet.

Cañete said that they are tapping the Sangguniang Kabataan in the barangays to help push for the campaign. CIO