Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte created the Madrasah Comprehensive Development and Promotion Unit (MCDPU) through Executive Order (EO) No. 53 Series of 2021, which was signed on October 1 and shall take effect immediately.

EO 53, also known as “An Order Creating The Madrasah Comprehensive Development And Promotion Unit Under The Office Of the City Mayor, Providing For Its Organizational Structure And Functions,” mandates the MCDPU to educate Muslim children with `true values’ history, Arabic writing, and  reading, science and teachings of Islam to become law-abiding citizens contributive to social and moral development; formulate plans and programs for the growth of Madrasah education in Davao City, and supervise the implementation of the Madrasah Program in Davao City.

It is also tasked to spearhead community outreach programs; initiate and develop programs promoting Eid or Islamic Festivals and developa unique feat of various Muslim tribes in Davao City; assist the Muslim constituents in Davao City; and promote Davao City as a peaceful city, where all cultures and religions harmoniously co-exist.

“It is imperative that there will be an institutionalization of madrasah development in the city,” the mayor said in her EO since 

madrasah development is hampered by constraints that necessitate the support of the City Government of Davao to help provide adequate educational assistance.

The Madrasah Comprehensive Development and Promotion Program was earlier created to serve as the lead agency in delivering basic government services in Muslim Communities all over Davao City, especially in providing educational opportunities.

MCDPU’s composition includes the Local School Board as its policy-making body while the executive program director shall manage all operational and functional work in the implementation of the Madrasah programs including curricular development; and oversee the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the organization’s programs and services and special projects monitors the day-to-day

delivery of the programs.

The operation assistant or executive assistant shall assist the executive program director in doing administrative duties and clerical functions; and work on other related functions as directed by the same while the supervising program director shall oversee the coordination and administration of all aspects of an ongoing program including planning, staffing, leading and controlling program activities; and the district supervisors shall supervise the activities of the cluster headteachers in their respective

districts, assist the executive program director in the preparation of Arabic educational program; and monitor and evaluate the performance of the Madrasah teachers.

Cluster headteachers, meanwhile, shall supervise the different Madrasah centers within their cluster by checking classrooms, lesson plans, and class records. They will also as classroom teachers of the center in case of emergency.

The Arabic teachers shall identify clear teaching and learning objectives, specifying how they will be taught and assessed; prepare lesson plans, lecture materials and be actively involved in developing curriculum; include Islamic Integration in lesson plans wherever possible; ensure students acquire and consolidate knowledge, skills, and understanding appropriate to the subject taught; and check the students work efficiently and thoroughly.

The administrative staff will be under the control and supervision of the executive assistant and administrative officer whose main functions will be records management, payroll preparation, monitoring, reproduction, and other administrative functions.

The funding for the MCDPU’s operations and programs will be charged against the Special Education Fund, subject to the evaluation of the Local School Board and the usual accounting and auditing rules.

The full copy of EO 53 can be found here 👉 https://www.davaocity.gov.ph/transparency/executive-orders/2021-executive-orders/. CIO