Proving to be an LGBT-friendly workplace, City Hall will soon implement a gender-neutral uniform for all city government rank and file employees.

This after Mayor Inday Sara Duterte gave her go-signal for the Human Resource Management Office (HRMO) to go ahead with the plan as one way of addressing the concerns of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer or questioning and others (LGBTQ+) community.

Ortonio said the gender-neutral uniform will also create branding for employees of the city government so that they can be easily identified by the public.

“Through this, we can really say that it is a uniform in its purest essence, whether it is for the women or the men, it is one uniform for all, but this is still under study,” he said.

Ortonio said HRMO is looking for the design of the uniform that will pass approval by the Program on Rewards and Incentives for Service Excellence committee.

“So basically the initial plan is that everyone will have the same uniform. The distinguishing factor will be the color of the uniform just to identify the position of the employee,” he said.

Ortonio targets the 4th quarter of the year or in 2020 to implement the plan. CIO