The Davao City Veterinarian’s Office (CVO) resumed its anti-rabies operation after the activity was suspended due to lockdowns and movement restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic.

City Veterinarian Dr. Cerelyn Pinili said her office will work double-time to catch up with the postponed activities of the past three months. CVO resumed its anti-rabies operation on Tuesday.

“On July 14, we castrated and spayed a total of 45 heads, or 32 dogs and 13 cats of 29 pet owners in Barangay Communal, Buhangin District,” she said.

Pinili said CVO will conduct two impounding operations per day. While castration and spaying of dogs and cats will continue in August.

For the rest of July, CVO teams will administer the Anti-Rabies Vaccination in barangays Cabantian, Catalunan Pequeño, Centro Agdao, R. Castillo, Talomo River, Pampanga, and Paradise Embac.

“In a day, tulo or duha ka site among target adtuan. By next month, August, magbalik napud mi sa castration (In a day, we will visit three or two sites. By next month, August, we will resume the castration),” she said.

Pinili said all activities will be closely coordinated with the barangays for the pre-registration to ensure that strict health protocols are observed during the operations.

She said castration and spaying, and the Anti-Rabies Vaccination are services for free in all barangays of the city. However, the office prioritizes barangays with the greatest number of female dogs and cats and those with the most pre-registered pet owners.

“We encourage pet owners who are interested in our castration and spaying services to pre-register in their district barangays so that the barangay can schedule them and the CVO can prepare the materials needed,” Pinili said. CIO