Acting Mayor Sebastian Z. Duterte on June 8, 2022 signed an executive order for the formation of a  Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee (PTC) to regulate the sale and distribution of medicines in the city.

The issuance of Executive Order (EO) No. 22, Series of 2022, also known as “An Order Creating The Pharmacy And Therapeutics Committee of Davao City” underscores the mandate of Local Government Units (LGUs) to enforce all laws and policies enacted and issued by competent government agencies that will protect and promote the health of the people and instill health consciousness among them and in promoting the general welfare of the populace.

EO 22 provides that “it is the duty of every LGU to assist concerned national government agencies in enforcing policies that will regulate the sale and distribution of quality medicines within its territorial jurisdiction to ensure that medical goods and services available in the market are compliant with national standards.”

The EO cited Department of Health (DOH) Administrative Order No. 51 s. 1988, also known as the Implementing Guidelines for Department of Health Compliance with RA 6675, which prescribed the creation of Therapeutics Committees at the Regional Health Offices, Provincial Health Offices, District Health Offices, City Health Offices, special hospitals, national medical centers, regional medical centers, regional hospitals and sanitaria.

It also noted DOH Administrative Order No. 2021-040 or the “Implementing Guidelines on the establishment of Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee (PTC) in Provincial and City Health Offices,”  which was issued in anticipation of the full implementation of the Supreme Court’s Mandanas ruling under GR. No. 199802 (April 10, 2019) in 2022, increasing the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) share of Local Government Units (LGUs). The increase would enable LGUs to implement projects such as the establishment of PTC at city levels.

A chairperson and co-chairperson will lead the PTC and both will be elected by the voting members to hold a position for three years from the date of their appointments.

The ex-officio non-voting members are the city health officer, public health nurse, midwife, and medical technologist while the voting members include an infectious disease expert, the City Government of Davao’s pediatrician, obstetrician-gynecologist, pharmacist, family medicine, public health specialist, and psychiatrist.

EO 22 mandates that the PTC shall act as an advisory and recommending committee to the Local Health Board on all issues, policies and guidelines concerning the selection, procurement, distribution and use of medicines;  develop/adopt medicines policies and protocols; evaluate and select essential medicines for procurement based on the needs of the community and the primary care formulary; ensure that prices are within the price range set by current drug pricing policies; assess medicines use through drug utilization review; collate and assess reports in pharmacovigilance from health districts;

disseminate information about its activities, decisions and recommendations to the responsible person who must implement them; adhere to pertinent guidelines issued by the DOH; and perform other functions related to proper medicine use and management.

The committee shall meet at least twice a year or as often as necessary.

Meanwhile, the CHO will serve as the secretariat that will organize the PTC meetings; document the meetings, directives, and recommendations of the PTC; compile and make available to the Committee past and existing decisions, policies, recommendations, directives and resolutions; liaise with other stakeholders on data/ information needed by the PTC; and perform other functions deemed necessary by the PTC.

Available funds of the City Government of Davao will shoulder the operational costs of the PTC subject to the usual accounting and auditing rules and regulations.

Here’s the link to the full provisions of EO 22 Series of 2022 – CI