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The Children in Conflict with Law (CICL) sheltered at the Davao City Government’s Bahay Pag-Asa and their parents took center stage at the National Family Week celebration organized by the City Social Services Development Office (CSSDO) on Sunday.

The activities for the Family Week event are aimed at preparing the CICL’s eventual reintegration with their families when they will be out of Bahay Pag-Asa.

“We need to ensure that once they go back to their family, they will have a new environment far from what caused the problem in them. The support of their families is very important,” said Ma Luisa Bermudo, the head of the CSSDO.

Bermudo said that for the entire week, the children and the parents will be together in several activities, including sports.

“It does not mean that once they enter the facility, they will be separated from their families. While it is true that they are temporarily away from them, they are not neglected, some activities involve their family so that they will still feel complete,” she said.

Bermudo said the family activities are also CSSDO’s way to involve parents in the development of their children, while they are inside the facilities.

“Even before the children enter the facility, we remind the parents that they need to constantly visit their children so that the children will not feel that they are abandoned,” she said.

Bermudo emphasized it is vital for parents themselves to also change their ways for the complete rehabilitation of their children.

Bahay Pag-Asa is managed by CSSDO. CIO