The Indak-indak sa Kadayawan stage will be set up starting August 14, the event organizer said.

Harold Quibete, Indak-Indak sa Kadayawan 2022 event organizer, in an interview with the Davao City Disaster Radio Monday, said that the hauling and installation of the component of the stage for the Indak-Indak sa Kadayawan at the San Pedro Square will start with a partial road closure in the afternoon of August 14, 2022 afternoon. The hauling of the materials for the satellite performance areas will start in the afternoon of August 18, 2022.

Quibete said that for this year’s 37th Kadayawan sa Dabaw competition, they plan to set up an “arena-type stage” and will also put up 14 LED walls to allow the viewers to see the performances better.

“We’ll still have the tent, atong mega tent sa Kadayawan Square, but this time gipatunga na nato ang stage. (We’ll still have our mega tent for our Kadayawan Square but this time we will be placing our stage at the center),” he said.

Quibete said that the arena-type stage will allow the audience to experience the performance like “watching boxing”

“Bisan asa ka mag-tan-aw you will enjoy para mas ma-enjoy. Every year we come up with something worth watching. A little bit techie among approach sa Indak-Indak, we are using 14 led walls sa atong competition this year. (Every corner you position and watch, you will enjoy. Also, every year we come up with something worth watching. Our approach for this year’s Indak-Indak will be a little bit more techie ad we are using 14 led walls in our competition),” Quibete said.

He said that a total of 12 LED walls will be placed at San Pedro Square and two will be placed in each of the satellite performance areas, which will be on the F. Bangoy-Acacia Rotunda and the junction of Bonifacio and Pelayo streets.

He added that this year’s competition will also be unique with the requirement on wearing face masks.

He said that choreographers were already briefed that they may wear two types of masks during the Indak-Indak, one for the parade on the streets and the satellite performance areas. A separate mask type will be worn by the participants at the “grand showdown at the San Pedro Square and will be judged for the “Best Mask”.

Quibete said that the participating contingents should be composed of not more than 120 members, floor assistants included. Dancers should not be less than 70 members and musicians should not be less than 20 members.

He said that a total of 15 individuals were invited to judge the competition, one of them even coming from Thailand.

A judges orientation has been given online and will also be done face-to-face to brief the judges on what should they look for in the competition.

“What distinguishes [Indak-Indak] from any other street dance competition is that sa atoa we focus on footwork and body movement because as the name itself suggests Indak-Indak. We wanted raw dancing body movement, more on the dance and not on the props. It was cascaded to the judges na didto gyud sila mag focus sa dance (What distinguishes Indak-Indak from any other dance competition is that we focus on the footwork and the body movement because as the name itself suggests, it is Indak-Indak. We wanted more of the dance and not the props. It was already cascaded to the judges that they should focus on the dance),” Quibete said.

He added that choreographers have also two ways to present their contest pieces, either they do an authentic presentation or a creative presentation and adaptation.

“The number one policy, if you are claiming that your presentation is an authentic presentation [of a tribe like] Bagobo it should be endorsed by the deputy mayor, but if you are doing a creative presentation and adaptation there is no need,” he said.

Quibete said that the last day of registration for the Indak-Indak sa Kadayawan will be on Wednesday and they are still hoping that more participants will enlist. Currently, 11 participants have been officially listed.

He added that this week, the Department of Education – which will be the city government’s partner, will announce the designated billeting quarters of the participants. They also coordinated with the Public Safety and Security Command Center (PSSCC) for the safety and security of the quarters. The City Health Office personnel will also have stations in the designated billeting quarters. CIO