Vice Mayor Sebastian “Baste” Duterte rallied Dabawenyos against dengue as the city government goals for zero case.

VM Baste, who is acting mayor since mid-July, said he wanted the city overcome the mosquito-borne diseases like dengue through a stronger community involvement in maintaining a clean surrounding.

“It is really a challenge for us to involve the community. Most of the problems reported are the people’s refusal to clean their surroundings. We really need to push them because this is for their benefit,” he said.

Since Wednesday, Davao City barangay leaders have been tackling a dengue prevention plan in a three-day workshop organized by the city government.

VM Baste said the activity was aimed to involve the barangay in the planning and to encourage them to implement their own plans to achieve a dengue-free Davao City.

“If this strategy will still not work then we will have to re-strategize. We will not stop until we achieve a dengue-free city,” he said. CIO