The Davao City government is stepping up its communication campaign on minimum health standard practices to stop the spread of the coronavirus especially in high-risk and very high-risk areas like Barangay 23-C.

This as the city government is facing challenges to contain the spread of the coronavirus in Barangay 23-C and convincing residents to follow minimum public health standards such as the wearing of masks.

The city is also faced with communication barriers given the cultural diversity of the residents in Barangay 23-C.

“We try to make it [our campaign] nga dali sya masabtan sa general public, but usahay duna puy mga tao nga kinahanglan nato pasabton nganong mag mask man ta (We try to make our campaign understandable to the general public, but there are people who do not understand why they need to wear a mask),” Mayor Inday Sara Duterte said.

Mayor Sara said the city’s campaign must reach everyone’s understanding.

“Naa mi gidevelop nga mga materials para sa ilaha didto sa sulod nga we feel na kinahanglan i-explain. Because dili man gud ta pareho tanan og pagsabot. So, dapat atoang kampanya mo-adjust sya didto sa level of understanding or pagsabot sa mga tao (We are developing materials that we feel we need to explain to them because not all of us have the same understanding. So, our campaign must adjust to the level of understanding of everyone),” the mayor added.

The Office of the Vice Mayor has also volunteered to develop campaign materials using photos or images in the hope to change the behaviour and attitude not only of the residents in Barangay 23-C but the general public.

Barangay 23-C has been placed in a 14-day hard lockdown since June 4, 2020, due to the alarming number of coronavirus cases. CIO