Employees of the Davao City Hall planted around 4,000 trees in Barangay Marahan, Marilog District during a massive tree planting activity last week.

Marivic Reyes, the head of the City Environment and Natural resources (CENRO), said that the tree planting activity was aimed at preventing landslides and flooding in Marilog and areas downstream.

“This activity is a big help to protect our land, especially in preventing landslide and floods. This is a very simple step in taking good care of our environment,” Reyes said.

CENRO took the lead in the massive tree-planting activity as part of the local government’s commitment for the protection of the environment and the reforestation program

Reyes said that taking good care of the environment should not be a once a year activity. People should do it every single day, she said.

She said protecting the environment is not only about planting trees but also many other ways like segregating wastes and disposing of them properly. This starts at home, Reyes added.

“We should take good care of our environment, not just through tree planting since our environment is very vital to each of us. Our daily lives depend on our environment,” she said.

The tree planting activity is an annual event in line with Proclamation 237, declaring June of each year as Environment Month. CIO