The Ancillary Services Unit (ASU) of the Davao City Mayor’s Office inspected with the City Economic Enterprise private and public cemeteries in the city in preparation for the Undas 2023.

“Actually this week, nagconduct ang City Economic Enterprise ug Ancillary Services Unit og inspection sa tanan nga mga public ug private nga mga cemeteries unya naka-identify ang duha ka agencies sa local government unit nato og mga authorized vending sites, unya gi-identify kung pila tanan ang pwede musulod didto nga mga vendors (This week, the City Economic Enterprise and the Ancillary Services Unit inspected all public and private cemeteries. The two agencies identified authorized vending sites as well as the number of vendors that will be allowed to enter),” Paul Bermejo, officer in charge of the ASU, stated during the ISpeak media forum on Thursday.

Bermejo also said that the Economic Enterprise planned to give a special mayor’s permit to the vendors. However, the number of vendors that will receive the permit is limited.

The agency also formed three road-clearing teams composed of 20 personnel each to focus on the congested cemeteries in the city.

Other than the cemetery inspections, the ASU also deployed three rodding teams with a total of 15 personnel to frequently flooded parts of Davao.

“Nagcreate og tulo ka rodding team nga nagfocus didto sa outfall sa Ecowaste Drive, sa Tulip Drive, ug sa uban pa nga mga areas kay aron ang mga frequently flooded areas ma-address dayon (Three rodding teams were created to focus on the outfall in Ecowest Drive, Tulip Drive, and other frequently flooded areas),” Bermejo said.

According to Bermejo, the teams are deployed to frequently flooded areas being monitored by the CTTMO and the City Engineer’s Office.

Meanwhile, the agency’s three regular teams responsible for clearing the canals are deployed in shifts to different areas based on the requests of the city’s constituents. CIO