The Davao City government is eyeing to become the country’s first smartest and safest city with the upgrading of its Intelligent Transport Management System (ITMS) and the Intelligent Operation Center (IOC).

Rowena Dominguez-Narajos, the city’s Smart City Officer, said the upgrading of the ITMS and the IOC will result to a systematic and technology driven traffic, safety and security monitoring and management for Davao City.

“The Traffic Signalization Program started in 2009 and it is now 2019, it is just natural that we upgrade everything to fit the evolving technology,” she said. The proposal also coincides with the city’s implementation of the High Priority Bus System (HPBS).

Narajos said the implementation of the HPBS will upgrade both the traffic signalization and the traffic management center.

Davao City is already a smart city with the establishment of the PSSCC. Narajos, however, said that the city’s aim is to make the city the smartest and safest city by involving new technologies.

A smart city is basically what people see in the movies, where technology plays a vital role managing the city, she added.

Narajos bared the USTDA (United States Trade and Development Agency) will also give a grant of USD515,000 for the consultancy study of the two focus projects.

“The US will bid out the selection of consultants of our two projects to better prepare the city achieve its plans. It is also the first local government unit to get a USTDA grant in the country,” she said.

The city government looks forward to roll out the upgrading of the ITMS and the IOC as one of its major undertakings.

Narajos stressed that the IOC will also serve as the city’s Command Center, and it is where traffic, safety and security matters, especially during city-wide events are monitored and managed. CIO