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The Davao City Investment and Promotion Center (DCIPC) is bullish on Davao City as an investment destination despite advisories restricting foreign nationals against traveling to Southern Philippines.

The travel ban issued by several countries against Mindanao would not scare away foreign investors who plan to put capital in the Davao City, said DCIPC Chief Lemuel Ortonio.

Ortonio remains optimistic that Davao City will continue to attract investors with its improved peace and order condition.

He assured that DCIPC will sustain its investment campaign, highlighting its peace and order condition as the key to attracting domestic and foreign businessmen to this part of Mindanao.

Ortonio said his office closely partners with the Davao City Tourism Operations Office (CTOO) in promoting the city as a tourist attraction and an investment hub.

Despite putting Mindanao under martial law, Davao City continues to attract foreign investors and no travel advisory discouraged them to explore opportunities in the island.

“We reach out to our target clients, investors and potential visitors to Davao City and tell them what the current situation in the city is. Yes, there is a travel advisory, but most of the travel advisories in Mindanao exempted Davao City,” Ortonio said.

Last year, DCIPC met with officials of various embassies and presented to them possible investment areas, tourism activities and the peace and order situation.

“The meeting was well received because they were able to realize the real situation in Davao City. We hope to replicate the same activity in the second half of the year, not just to focus on countries that issued travel advisories, but all embassies located in the city,” Ortonio said.

Ortonio added that DCIPC continue to receive investment inquiries, especially about agriculture and the industry sectors. CIO