The City Government of Davao has urged business owners to renew their business permits as early as possible to avoid the rush and potential hassles.

During the first day of renewal on January 3, Business Bureau Chief and lawyer Marissa Torentera said that a lot of business owners have already renewed their permits, which she hoped to continue in the first two weeks of the year.

Torentera revealed that they have extended the renewal of business permits until 12 midnight of ‪January 31‬, but urged those who have businesses to not wait for the last few days to process their papers.

“We have extended it ‪until January 31‬ but we hope that business owners will not wait until the last few days to renew their business permits to avoid hassle,” she said.

The city government has put up a remote site for the processing of business permits, which is located at the Almendras Gym or the Davao City Recreation Center, to accommodate the expected large number of people renewing their business permits; and to make the processing more accessible.

The Business Bureau will be accepting applications on weekdays ‪‪from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.‬‬ at both the SP Center and the remote site at Almendras Gym. They will also be open on Saturdays ‪from 8 a.m to 5 p.m.‬

The business bureau chief also reminded those renewing permits to make sure that their documentary requirements are ready for submission to save time and effort.

The requirements for those renewing their business and mayor’s permits are: previous Mayor’s and Business Permits, previous receipts, notarized list of all employees, and authority to transact the renewal of the Mayor’s Permit with the Business Bureau – a Special Power of Attorney for Sole Proprietorship, Secretary Certificate for Corporations and Partnership Resolution for Partnerships. Also needed are: clear photocopy of valid IDs of all signatories, original Barangay Clearance for business purposes, Fire Safety Inspection Certificate, Certified copy of proof of exemption, if any, and available financial statement of the previous year. CIO