The Davao City Business Bureau has called on business establishment owners to get ready with all the requirements for the renewal of permits which starts in mid-December.

Lawyer Marissa Marasigan-Torentera, the head of the Business Bureau, said it is better to be ready with requirements and renew permits on time to avoid any inconvenience and incurring penalties.

“We always remind the public to secure the necessary documents, anybody who would like to put up a business they should secure the necessary documents before they can start any business,” she said.

For 2020, the Business Bureau targets 40,000 business permits renewal and new business registrations. Torentera said this would translate to P200 million in tax collection.

Torentera said those who have businesses should not wait for the end of January to process their renewal.

“We are asking them to start processing their permits during the first week of the month and not on the last day since that day will be so busy. During the first week of renewal, only a few normally start processing even if it will be more convenient for them,” she said.

Torentera also asked business establishment owners to use the online payment system for convenience.

The online payment was made possible through a partnership with the Land Bank of the Philippines. CIO