Strict household lockdowns due to a surge of household transmissions are being enforced in Davao City, which logged a record high of 700 new COVID-19 cases and five new Delta cases as of September 9, 2021.

Davao COVID-19 Task Force Spokesperson Dr. Michelle Schlosser, during the 87.5 Davao City Disaster Radio (DCDR) Bida Bakunado program on Friday, September 10,  said that they have been in constant communication with barangay captains and other barangay functionaries such as the Barangay Health Emergency Response Teams (BHERTs), Safety and Security Cluster (Philippine National Police), City Health Office, and district health offices to strengthen and monitor the lockdowns in households.

“This is a collaborative effort. When we do any type of lockdown whether it be establishment or panimalay (household), collaboration jud ni sya (this is a collaboration). Nagatabang pud ubang councilors sa atoang pagpalockdown (Some councilors also help in implementing the lockdowns),” she said.

The city health official said that if the rise in daily COVID-19 cases continues, it will overwhelm the city’s health facilities. COVID-19 beds at the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) in Davao City and the Davao Regional Medical Center (DRMC) in Tagum City are already full and in other private hospitals as well. An overwhelmed health system, according to her, won’t bode well for the city as people needing hospital care will no longer be catered to. Thus, she called on Dabawenyos, known for their discipline, to cooperate.

Dr. Schlosser said, “Ubay-ubay na atong cases, karon 700 dili na sya joke, pinakataas nato. Nagkadaghan pud cases sa Delta, from 16 naa na tay 21 (We have a massive surge of cases, 700 is not a joke, it’s our highest number of COVID-19 cases. Our Delta cases also increased, from 16 we now have 21). There is ongoing retracing,  reswabbing, re-isolation of added Delta variants.”

She urged close contacts of COVID-19 positive patients not to report for work anymore and instead, submit themselves for swabbing and quarantine and to also give honest information.

“Tabangi intawon mi, ang health cluster and COVID-19 Task Force aron matabangan mo (Please help us, the health cluster and the COVID-19 Task Force so we can help you),” she said, reiterating the need for Dabawenyos to adhere to minimum public health standards (MPHS) and get vaccinated.

Dr. Schlosser added, “Mas daghan na ta sa household transmissions. Entire family mag Covid najud sila. Ang atoang ginahangyo ang tanan,  

ubay-ubay napud ga hold social gathering, birthday, og reunion. Sa pagkakaron dili pa panahon para ana (We have a lot of household transmissions. Families get infected. We are requesting everyone who are holding social gatherings like birthdays and reunions, it’s not the right time for that). If you truly love your friends, your family, this is not the right time to hold social gathering. Naa man tay social media platforms. Pigilan sa ang physical social gatherings, daghan nata household transmissions because of that (We have social media platforms. Let’s keep ourselves from physical social gatherings being the cause of the surge of household transmission).”

She also cited some establishments that have implemented self lockdowns to manage the spread of the coronavirus in their premises while others undergo a risk assessment to determine whether they must be locked down or not. CIO