The lifting of the liquor ban on September 21 is not something Dabawenyos should be excited about as Davao City’s Vices Regulation Unit (VRU) is still keeping an eye on business establishments selling or serving alcoholic and intoxicating drinks. 

Section 4(b) of the Department of Trade and Industry Memorandum Circular No. 20-44 s. 2020, states that beerhouses and similar establishments whose primary business is serving of alcoholic drinks are not allowed to operate under any form of community quarantine. 

And Dabawenyos are reminded on the 1:00 am curfew against selling and serving alcoholic and intoxicating drinks. 

The ban of selling, serving, and consuming liquor will still be imposed from 1 am until 8 am as per City Ordinance No. 004-13 or the Liquor Ban Ordinance.

VRU Chief Ashley Lopez said that his office will continue to conduct regular inspections and monitoring in establishments that are still forbidden to sell and serve liquor such as beer houses, clubs, and bars.

“Upon lifting of the 24-hour liquor ban, people can buy alcoholic drinks in sari-sari stores, groceries, and malls and are encourage to consume liquor in their houses,” Lopez said.

The VRU chief also urged Dabawenyos to discipline themselves and remember that there is still a quarantine so health protocols must still be followed at all times. The unit will also continue to monitor gatherings, especially drinking parties in houses. 

Meanwhile, restaurants whose main business is not selling liquor but serves alcohol drinks will be regulated. Lopez said that they are only allowed to serve two (2) servings per customer.

“Single-serving means one shot per customer so a maximum of two shots for every customer,” he said. CIO