The City Government of Davao, through the Davao COVID-19 Task Force, is finalizing the details of incentives for those who will take their first vaccine dose to reduce the current backlog and hit the herd immunity target of 1.2 million.

Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte, during the Special Hours program of 87.5 Davao City Disaster Radio (DCDR) aired Monday afternoon, September 27, said:”Dako na atong backlog sa atong first doses. Nakita na kulang 438,000 atoang ginapangita nga vaccinees (Our first dose backlog is high. It’s been noted that we are looking for 438,800 vaccinees). Nakita nila ngadto naa na ta sa (We have reached the) segment of the population who will not go to the vaccine centers, people who do not believe in vaccines, and daily wage earners who see think that it’s more important to work than get a vaccine.”

The mayor said suggestions were raised to provide incentives during the first dose rollout for this segment during the Davao COVID-19 Task Force meeting. The task force will pilot it in two vaccination centers. The next steps have yet to be determined depending on the reception of Dabawenyos of this new strategy.

“Understandable naman gud ni sya ang incentivizing nato karon because naa ta sa point dili na muadto sa vaccination center. Importante sa ilaha ang ilang pang adlaw-adlaw (Our incentivizing is understandable because we have reached the point that people will no longer go to vaccination centers. What’s important for them is meeting their daily needs). Our incentives will be directed at that… pagkaon (food),” Mayor Duterte said, adding that gift certificates will be given away but this had yet to be finalized.

She also said that some are also hesitant to go to vaccination centers because they have to take care of the children or that they have no money for fares if the sites are far from their residences. 

As of September 25, a total of 716,793 COVID-19 vaccine first doses have been administered, or 59.73 percent of the 1.2 million herd immunity target. Second doses were given to 583,002 at least vaccinees or about 48.558 percent.

Receiving first jabs were 60,966 health care workers (priority A1), 90,097 senior citizens (priority A2), 165,446 adults with comorbidities (priority A3), 340,477 essential workers (priority A4), and 59,807 indigents (priority A5).

At least 53,100 A1s; 84,052 A2s; 145,099 A3s; 272,969 A4s; and 27,784 A5s are now fully vaccinated.

Mayor Duterte added that expanding the mobile vaccinations is another strategy that they are eyeing. “Mao na ning mga tawo dili na muadto og vaccination centers (These are the people who will not go to vaccination centers). We need strategies nga iduol sa ilaha ang bakuna (to bring the vaccines to them) instead of asking them to go to vaccination centers.”

The Vaccine Cluster has the list barangays the 438,000 possible vaccinees can be found.

Meanwhile, Davao City’s morbidity week 38 logged 85 deaths from September 19 to 25. Of this number, 78 or 91.76 percent were unvaccinated while seven were vaccinated (three first doses, four fully vaccinated). The vaccinated deaths recorded three who received AstraZeneca vaccines and two each with Pfizer and Sinovac shots.

Among the 2,431 active cases during the same period, 2,107 or 86.67 percent are unvaccinated while 324 are vaccinated (67 first doses, 257second doses).CIO