The Davao City Economic Enterprises (CEE) opened the fish, meat, and dressed chicken sections of the Agdao Farmers Market to give way to the ongoing construction of phase 3 of the project.

Mr. Mackie Macalipes, head of the CEE, mentioned during the Madayaw Program of city-owned Davao City Disaster Radio that after the construction of Phases 1 and 2 of the project, they decided to relocate the stalls for meat, fish, and dressed chicken at the farmers market.

“Nakadecide mi nga, initially, ibalhin nato ’tong atoang meat, atoang fish section, ang dressed chicken didto sa atoang bag-o lang nahuman na Agdao Farmers Market para makapadayon pud ’tong sa phase 3 nato nga project (We decided to relocate the meat, fish, and dressed chicken sections to the newly completed Agdao Farmers Market first so that we can proceed with the phase 3 of the project),” he said.

According to Macalipes, Phase 1 of the project was for the whole structure of the market. Meanwhile, the second phase was intended for the “beautification” of the stalls for the fish, meat, and dressed chicken sections. Phase 3 was for the landscaping of the project.

Macalipes also said that the stalls at the new Agdao Farmers Market are bigger than the ones in the old market. Despite the increase in space, he said the rates remain.

“Ang sa meat mao gihapon ’tong naa sa ordinansa, sa dressed chicken, sa isdaan, sa ilang variety, ug sa dry goods. Mao gihapon ang rate nato nga gina implement nato karon (We are implementing the same rates based on the existing ordinance for the meat, dressed chick, fish, variety, and dry goods stalls),” he said.

There are 126 stalls in the fish section; 80 in the meat section; and 20 in the dressed chicken section. Macalipes said that they first transferred the 60 stalls from the old market to the farmers market to identify the remaining number of vacant stalls.

The CEE has yet to announce the next raffling schedule for interested tenants. CIO