The City Veterinarian’s Office (CVO) issued a reminder to residents of Davao City to ensure that their pets and farm animals stay hydrated during the approaching El Niño.

Dr. Alris John Calvo, a veterinary inspector, emphasized the importance of providing ample drinking water to animals when he spoke on the At Your Service program of 87.5 FM Davao City Disaster Radio (DCDR) on Tuesday, June 6. He highlighted that as temperatures rise, animals, like humans, also experience an increased need for water.

He advised pet owners to schedule their walks with their pets before 10 a.m. or after 3 p.m., as these are the times when the temperature becomes unbearably high. Animals should not be exposed to direct sunlight during these hours, as they are at risk of suffering from heat stroke.

“Hydration is very important. With an increase in temperature, naa’y tendency mag-increase demand sa water intake (there is a tendency to increase the demand for water intake). Give your animals more fluids,” Calvo said.

Calvo also emphasized the importance of providing proper shelter and shade for animals to protect them from the sun’s intense heat.

He explained that cats and dogs have small sweat glands and are unable to release much heat through sweating. Panting is their way of regulating their body temperature, which is why they need access to ample water and a suitable shelter.

Calvo also said that owners of farm animals, such as chickens, goats, hogs, and carabaos, already take measures to ensure their animals have a safe and plentiful water source.

Leah Punzalan, the supervisor of CVO Buhangin District, suggested that pet and farm animal owners can avail themselves of services provided by their district offices located in Agdao, Poblacion, Buhangin, Bunawan, Paquibato, Marilog, Calinan, Talomo, Baguio, and Toril.

These CVO district offices offer various services, including anti-rabies vaccines, castration for dogs and cats, vitamin supplementation, deworming, animal health care and management, and electrolyte supplementation, among others. CIO