The Davao City Veterinarian’s Office (CVO) has started going around to barangays to give anti-rabies shots to canines as part of the city government’s Anti-Rabies Campaign.

CVO is also conducting neutering since August 4 at Barangay Sto. Niño, Tugbok District. Castration or neutering of male dogs is the surgical removal of the testicles (orchiectomy).

“We castrated and spayed a total of 61 heads, or 44 dogs and 17 cats of 41 pet owners in the barangay,” said CVO chief Dr., Cerelyn Pinili.

The vaccination, neutering, and spaying of dogs and cats will be conducted on the following schedule:

August 10 — Brgy. Baliok, Toril (castration and spaying), Brgy. Sasa, Buhangin (rabies vaccination and Brgy. Ilang, Bunawan (rabies vaccination and IEC) ;

August 11 — Brgys. Sasa, Malagos, Tibungco, Bantol, Wilfredo Aquino and Langub (rabies vaccination) ;

August 12 — Brgys. Sasa, Ilang, 31-D, and Langub (rabies vaccination) and Brgy. Calinan (castration);

August 13 — Brgys. Sasa, Tambobong, Tibungco, 38-D, Balite, and Suawan (rabies vaccination) and Brgy. Bago Gallera (castration) ;

August 14 — Brgys. Sasa and Baliok Villa Karina (rabies vaccination);

August 17 — Brgy. Ma-a (rabies vaccination);

August 18 — Brgys. Panacan, Suawan, and Ma-a (rabies vaccination) and Brgy. Tugbok Proper (castration) ;

August 19 — Brgys. Sumimao, San Isidro, 19-B, and Ma-a (rabies vaccination) and Brgy. Calinan (castration) ;

August 20 — Brgys. Communal and Ma-a (rabies vaccination) ;

August 24 — Brgys. Communal and Talomo (rabies vaccination) ;

August 25 — Brgys. Acacia, Panacan, and Talomo (rabies vaccination) ;

August 26 — Brgys. Fatima, Mudiang, and Talomo (rabies vaccination) ;

August 27 — Brgys. Tibungco and Talomo (rabies vaccination) and Brgy. Angliongto (castration); and,

August 28 — Brgys. Paradise Embac and Talomo (rabies vaccination).

Pinili encouraged pet owners who are interested in castration, spaying services, and anti-rabies vaccination to pre-register at their respective barangays for the assigned schedule.

She reminded pet owners that health protocols will still be observed during vaccination, castration, and spaying. The services are free-of-charge. CIO