Reasonable fees for parking, space and stall rental, commodities, and washing will be collected at the Davao Food Terminal Complex (DFTC) in Daliao, Toril, as provided in Davao City Ordinance No. 0706-19 Series of 2019, which prescribes the rates and charges to be imposed.

The City Government of Davao earlier issued Executive Order (EO) No. 42, Series of 2022, adopting the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) of Ordinance No. 0823-21, Series of 2021, which declares the DFTC as the official wholesale facility for fruits and vegetables in Davao City.

The Parking fees for the first three hours for motorcycle is P10; P15 for tricycles; P20 for four-wheeled vehicles; P25 for six-wheeled vehicles; P30 for eight-wheeled vehicles; P35 for 10-wheeled vehicles; and P40 for 16-wheeled vehicles.

Each vehicle will be charged P10 per hour for the succeeding hours while overnight parking is billed P100. The vehicle entry for tenants is P500 per year.

Meanwhile, the rental fee for any space at the DFTC is pegged at P8 per square meter per day while the rental fee for all stalls is P12 per square meter per day.

The fees for commodities (fruits, vegetables, and root crops) priced at P50/kilogram and above is P1 per kilogram; for P30/kg but not exceeding P50/kg is P0.50 per kilogram; for P20/kg but not exceeding P30/kg is P0.25 per kilogram; and below P20 per kilogram is P0.10 per kilogram.

The washing fee inside the washing area is P0.20 per kilogram and the fee is P100 per kilogram through the washer drum (for the first hour, the fees still apply if less than one hour) and P75 for every succeeding hour.

The DFTC also charges cheap dormitory fees of P100 per head per night for a non-aircon room (minimum of 10 heads per night) and P200 per head per night for an aircon room (minimum of 10 heads per night).

Based on the approved DFTC IRR, all rental fees for the stalls and spaces shall become due and demandable within the first 20 days of the month. Failure to pay the rental fee within the required period shall subject the lessee or occupant to a surcharge of two percent (2%) per month. Failure to pay after 36 months would result in contract termination.

The DFTC Executive Board shall determine the distribution of stalls first come-first served basis, and/or lottery.

The DFTC Executive Board may also impose fees or rates for the use of the comfort rooms based on the use of the service incurred by the City Government of Davao for maintenance.

The City Treasurer’s Office (CTO) is responsible for the collection of fees and charges. All collectors, including other DFTC personnel involved in the collection, shall be directly under the City Treasurer for collection performance and accountability.

Payment of all regulatory fees shall only be made to the CTO personnel assigned at the DFTC.

Meanwhile, the City Transport and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO) shall come up with a plan to open routes leading to the DFTC while the City Economic Enterprise (CEE) shall be responsible for the issuance of tickets for parking fees and space rental fees, which will be collected by the CTO. CIO