The Davao City Agriculturist Office (CAO) has called on village officials to replicate the Marfori Community Organic Garden which now provides organic vegetables for the two halfway homes of the city government.

A brainchild of Mayor Inday Sara Duterte, the Marfori Organic Garden in Marfori Subdivision was opened to the public with an objective it will be copied by other areas.

Leo Bryan Leuterio, the chief CAO, said the objective of the project is to show to the public that organic gardening can be easily be done by anyone.

“This is to show that you don’t need to have a big area to house an organic garden. No matter how small your area, you can create one,” he said.

Leuterio said organic gardening does not only give families food but it also creates a therapeutic effect on the public.

Leuterio cited residents of Balay Dangupan, Home for the Aged and other city-managed facilities go to the organic garden to harvest vegetables and relax.

Every month, the CAO will also conduct training in the area on how to plant and take care of organic plants such as mushrooms and many more.

“Every month we will hold training here for organic mushrooms, organic soils and many more. It is a center to learn organic farming,” he said.

“The medium-term objective of this project is to touch the Marfori community to practice organic gardening,” he added.

A budget of P2 million was spent on the creation of the organic garden in Marfori subdivision. Every 20 to 30 days, the public can harvest the vegetables in the garden. CIO