The Davao City Veterinarian Office said that it has distributed 346 heads of swine this year for the second batch of repopulation of African Swine Fever-affected areas.

CVO Head Cerelyn Pinili, in an interview with the City Information Office on Wednesday, said that a total of 50 heads were distributed in Barangay Sasa, 50 heads in Barangay Colosas, Paquibato, 148 heads in Barangay Calinan, and 98 heads in Barangay Magsaysay. This is the last batch of stock distribution.  Stocks have earlier been distributed in 2021.

“Gikan ni siya sa Department of Agriculture ang stock. Kita ang nag distribute ug nag monitor. Up to 40 days gi-test nato for ASF kung matakdan ba sila pero wala, negative tanan (These stocks are from the Department of Agriculture. Our office distributed and monitored it. For 40 days we test them for ASF but the tests were negative),” she said.

Pinili said that before the stock distribution, they conducted environmental sampling of the soil and the pigpens. A blood test was conducted on the stocks 40 days immediately after they were settled in the area.

She said that as the test yielded negative, they can already say that the areas have been cleared of ASF.

“We can say na clear na gyud ang area meaning pwede na sila magbuhi for repopulation (We can say that the area is clean, meaning they can breed stocks for repopulation),” she said.

To maintain this status, Pinili advised farmers to maintain strict biosecurity measures.

“Dili basta-basta magpasulod og tao sa ubang area nga naay positive. They should conduct cleaning and disinfection (They should not allow anyone from areas with positive cases to enter. They should also conduct cleaning and disinfection),” Pinili said, adding that placing footbaths is also highly advised. CIO