City Information Office

Public Administration

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Room 18, 2nd Floor, City Hall Bldg., San Pedro St., Davao City

(082) 227-2500


The City Information Office (CIO) is the public information arm of the City Government of Davao. It promotes awareness of the city government’s development initiatives through reading materials, developing broadcast materials for TV and radio, strengthen sharing with other media personalities and outlets, as well as encourage active participation of stakeholders in the information exchange process. The office was established to inform the general public of the government’s initiatives, thrusts, and services.

The City Information Office provides Information Production, Dissemination and Promotion Program, specifically:

  • Video and Photo Documentation
  • Press Release
  • ByahengDO30 TV Magazine Show
  • TV News Release
  • Photo News Release
  • Social Media Sites Updates
  • Press Briefs and Conferences
  • Photo Contests

The City Information Office is located at Room 18, 2nd Floor, City Hall Bldg., San Pedro St., Davao City. You may contact them through 241-1000 local 219 or email them at

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