City Budget Office

Fiscal Management

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Room No. 12-A, City Hall Bldg., Davao City

(082) 225-0812 / (082) 227-1356 / Fax No.: (082) 221-4033


The City Budget Office (CBO) is a local government office which provides appropriate and responsive technical services on budgetary matters to various departments or offices of the City Government of Davao including the one hundred eighty-two (182) barangays and concerned national agencies in support of the management for a sound implementation and accomplishment of programs, projects and activities of the City. The office was established pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 1375 or the Transferring to the Budget Commission the Functions of Local Government Budget Administration which was approved by former President Ferdinand E. Marcos dated May 16, 1978. With this, CBO is responsible for the budget functions of the City Government of Davao as well as in providing technical and staff services to the Chief Executive and other local officials on budget matters.

The services provided by the office include the following:

  • The Administrative Division takes charge of the administrative functions of the office, personnel matters, property and supply management, and the maintenance of the office equipment and of the working environment of this office.
  • The Budget Preparation Division takes charge of the preparation of the City’s Annual and Supplemental Budget, evaluation and consolidation of budget proposals from all offices, and monitoring expenditures on Statutory and Contractual Obligation of the City which would serve as database in the funding requirements for each expenditure item.
  • The Budget Control Division implements the system of control for authorized appropriations thru the preparation of the Allotment Release Order and recording of Obligation Requests in a computerized system, and evaluation of supporting documents; prepares periodic report on appropriation, allotment, and obligation; reviews project profiles, work and financial plan and request for allotment (WFPRA), checks its accuracy and validity.
  • The Barangay Budget Division takes charge in the review of the Annual and Supplemental Budgets of the one hundred eighty-two (182) barangays of the City and gives technical assistance in the preparations of their budgets as mandated in the Local Government Code of 1991 thru the conduct of seminars/workshops and/or personalized coaching.

The City Budget Office is located at Room 12-A, 2nd Floor, City Hall Bldg., Davao City. You may contact them through local numbers   208, 209, and  274  or email them at

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