Museo Dabawenyo

Economic Development

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Pichon St., Davao City Philippines 8000

(082) 222-6011


Museo Dabawenyo is a division under the City Mayor’s Office of the Local Government of Davao. It was established through City Ordinance No. 0266-06, to acquire documents, historical artifacts, preserve, exhibit, and foster scholarly study and appreciation of works of art, specimens and cultural artifacts pertaining to Davao’s history, culture and arts for the Davaoeños and the general public. The division aims to foster unity among the people of Davao City amidst its diverse cultures and to develop our sense of pride through the preservation of the city’s historical artifacts related to our heritage as Dabawenyos.

The services offered by the office include:

  • Museum Tours
  • Request for Art Exhibitions

For more information on Museo Dabwenyo, you may contact them through landline number (082) 222-6011 or email them through

Visit their website