Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte ordered the temporary closure of the Tagakpan Public Cemetery (TPC) for burials to give way to the preparation of its development and modernization.

Mayor Duterte, in her Executive Order (EO) No. 7, Series of 2021, said, “The Tagakpan Public Cemetery is the most ideal City-owned public cemetery to be developed and modernized patterned after the rehabilitated Wireless Public Cemetery.”

She ordered TPC’s temporary closure for burials to fast track the implementation of the project.

The city government of Davao, according to the mayor, has allocated funds for the total development and modernization of the TPC, with the project implemented in two phases.

“There is a need for the development and modernization of the Tagakpan Public Cemetery to accommodate burials, particularly in the Third District that is decent and affordable since the City-owned and operated Public Cemeteries are already congested and there is already a shortage of burial grounds,” Duterte added.

The mayor, in her EO, also said the City Economic Enterprises Office (CEEO), in coordination with the City Engineer’s Office (CEO), shall monitor and inspect the implementation of the rehabilitation and development of the TPC.

The CEEO shall also furnish the Davao City Cemetery Board with the inspection and monitoring report in the next scheduled monthly regular board meeting.

EO 7, signed by the mayor on February 9, immediately took effect. CIO