Davao City’s Sangguniang Panlungsod Committee on Health Chair Richlyn N.
Justol-Baguilod said during the weekly session on Tuesday that Dabawenyos should have their pets vaccinated to curb the cases of rabies.

“This is a call for everyone to please vaccinate your pets. You are not just saving your lives, you are saving your pet’s lives and the lives of others as well,” she said in a privilege speech.

Baguilod warned that rabies is a deadly disease, any virus that can be cured with a simple injection.

“We cannot leave our children with our pets knowing that they could bite or scratch them anytime. Let us not be complacent about this. This is a serious health issue. Hence, I am respectfully asking all of you to protect your own health and your pet’s health as well,” she said.

She highlighted that rabies, a deadly virus, spread to people from the saliva of an infected animal through bites and scratches, recorded 55 cases with three deaths at the Southern Philippine Medical Center for the year 2023 alone. The number of deaths from 2022 to 2023 decreased from 13 to 4 deaths. For the period of January-April 2024, six rabies cases are recorded: one in Calinan, one in Tugbok, one in Toril, and three in Talomo.

Baguilod stressed that anti-rabies vaccination and responsible pet ownership is the best way to prevent rabies and those who plan to adopt a pet should immediately see a vet and see to it that they are vaccinated.

She also urged Dabawenyos to make sure that the moment they get bitten or scratched, they should seek vaccination for anti-rabies at their nearest animal bite treatment centers. The clinics are located in Toril, Mintal, Calinan, Marilog, Anglingto, Sasa, Tibungco, Bunawan, and Paquibato. The contact numbers are posted on the City Government of Davao Page.

Baguilod also commended the City Government of Davao for establishing bite centers in the City that ensure that residents have a place to go to for rabies vaccination.

Aside from vaccination, she also called to report sightings of stray dogs to the Davao City Dog Pound.

“I would like to inform residents to please get in touch with (082) 241 1000 in case you come across stray dogs wandering around your neighborhood,” Baguilod said.

Davao City also has a Dog Pound with a new address near Dairybest establishment, Barangay Malagos, Marilog District with the contact number 0935-543-7077. The city’s Dog Pound is tasked to rescue stray dogs and shelter them, Baguilod said.

“Let us not be complacent about our health. Everyone’s life and even our pet’s lives must be given utmost importance,” Baguilod said. CIO