Davao City is this year’s Second Most Competitive City in the Highly-Urbanized City category, a notch higher from the 2019 Competitiveness Index Awards. 

Davao City ranked next to Manila City in the first place while Pasay City in third place. The three highly-urbanized cities bested 30 other cities in the same category. 

The recognition was given during the 8th Regional Competitiveness Summit – Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index Awards on December 16, 2020.

According to Davao City Investment and Promotion Center (DCIPC) chief April Marie Dayap, this was an improvement from last year when Davao City ranked third.

The award was conferred by the Department of Trade and Industry – Competitiveness Bureau to local Government units (LGUs) that excelled in the four competitiveness pillars – economic dynamism, government efficiency, infrastructure, and resiliency.

Davao City placed second in Economic Dynamism considering factors such as the size of the economy, sources of material, the structure of the economy, safety compliance of businesses, cost of living financial deepening involving the number of financial institutions within the city and number of people employed.

The city placed second in Government Efficiency, which refers to the quality and reliability of government services and government support for effective and sustainable productive expansion. Some of the indicators for this are the capacity of health services, the capacity of schools, security, business registration efficiency, and others.

Davao City also placed second in the Infrastructure category involving the basic inputs of production such as energy, water; interconnection of production such as transportation, roads, and communications; sustenance of production such as waste, disaster preparedness, environmental sustainability, and human capital formation infrastructure.

The city ranked fifth in Resiliency, which includes a land-use plan, disaster risk reduction plan, annual disaster drill, early warning system, emergency infrastructures, and others.

Davao City is consistently ranked among the Top 5 list of highly-urbanized cities since 2015.

The cities and municipalities competitiveness index can be used as a tool by the local government officials to assess the competitiveness of their city or municipality and identify areas for improvement and collaboration. This can be useful as it provides insight for policymaking, development planning, and investment promotion. CIO