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Davao City’s Ancillary Service Unit (ASU) will intensify the clean-up of canals in the city to mitigate flooding caused by clogged waterways.

ASU chief Paul Bermejo said this following the flooding in Barangay Panacan on Tuesday dawn when a clogged creek in the area overflowed after heavy rain hit the city.

Bermejo said that Panacan serves as a catch basin of all rainwater coming from different hinterland barangays.

“The creek in Panacan is big enough to prevent flooding. However, since the area served as a catch basin of communal, it will overflow during heavy rains,” he said.

Bermejo said his teams have been checking canals to ensure that these are not clogged. Canals which are heavily silted will be cleaned, he said.

“We will intensify our clean up operation, not just in Panacan, but in all canals in the city to prevent street flooding during heavy rains,” he said.

Bermejo said he divided his team into two shifts – morning and night, to respond to the clogging problem.

The night shift team is tasked to ensure that the canals are cleared of trash and silt the next day. CIO