More and more settlers in danger zones responded to the call of the Davao City government to dismantle their “extended structures” along river banks, levees or dikes for their safety.

For this, the local government welcomed the cooperation of the people of Davao expressed its gratitude for the willingness of the residents in danger zones.

“There was no problem at all. The residents were cooperative and they understand that they have to voluntarily demolish their structures,”  said Public Safety and Security Command Center Chief Angel Sumagaysay.

Sumagaysay added that people have understood the risks if they continue staying in their current location, as it is a matter that involves the safety of their families and the entire community. 

PSSCC has continued to call on the families and individuals living in areas considered as danger zones to voluntarily dismantle their homes and move to safe places. 

“We are asking the people living in danger zones to voluntarily dismantle and vacate their current living situation because it is really dangerous,” said 

PSSCC has been holding dialogues with settlers in danger zones to explain why it is important to vacate their areas and the risk they are facing, especially during intermittent weather conditions.

“As of December 3, 2020, a total of 84 illegal structures had been demolished and dismantled atop river dikes,” Sumagaysay said.

Sumagaysay added that the voluntary demolitions were conducted in Purok Sunrise, 16 and 13-A in Panacan, Purok 34 and 48 in Bangkal, Purok 6 and 4 in Barangay 10-A, Toril and Davao Coastal Road with the residents’ full cooperation.

“They have looked for other places to stay that are much safer for them, ang uban nakakita ug marentahan dinha mismo sa area ug nag tinabangay sila (others have rented some places within the area and they have helped each other).” 

The structures demolished were common extensions of people’s houses that they have made as living room, kitchen, and toilets. CIO