City Treasurer’s Office

Fiscal Management

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Room 1, City Hall Bldg., San Pedro St., Davao City

(082) 241-1000 local 232 and 225-02-00

Atty. Lawrence D. Bantiding

The City Treasurer’s Office is the collection arm of the City Government primarily responsible for revenue generation, custody and proper disbursement and management of the city’s funds, maintains and updates the tax information system, implements fully the City Revenue Tax Code and provides local and national policymakers vital information on matters relating to public finance. In 1901, by virtue of Act. No. 82 of the 2nd Philippine Commission, the municipal government of Davao was created.  Davao City became a chartered city in 1937, the City Treasurer then played a multi-faceted role of an assessor, civil registrar, postmaster, general services officer and accountant. The office was established to effectively assist the City Government in its solid march towards becoming a progressive local government unit by developing comprehensive and systematic program for all real properties and business establishments in Davao City; exercising supervision and control over revenue intake, intensify tax enhancement and disbursement of public funds for continuous improvement towards greater productivity, competence and a more responsive service to constituents and help improve the quality of life for Davao City.

The office facilitates the processing of the following:

  • Assessment and Payment of Real Property Tax and Transfer Tax
  • Issuance of Real Property Tax Clearance/Certification
  • Assessment and Payment for New and Renewal of Business Permit
  • Retirement of Business Permit
  • Registration of Books of Accounts, Weights & Measure Instruments, and Large Cattle & Transfer of Ownership
  • Issuance of Community Tax Certificate (CTC) / Cedula, Professional Tax Receipts (PTR), and Certification on Sand and Gravel
  • Payment of Amusement Tax, Market Fees and Stall Rental, and other Local Taxes, Charges and Fees prescribed under the 2017 Davao City Local Tax Revenue Code
  • Issuance of CEDULA and PTR to different establishments by CTO collector’s team
  • Checking of Remittance and Deposit of Collections
  • Disbursement and Issuance of Checks

The City Treasurer’s Office is located at  Room 1, City Hall Bldg., San Pedro St., Davao City. You may contact them through (082) 241-1000 local 232 and 225-02-00 (hotline) or email them at

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