City Economic Enterprise Office

Fiscal Management

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Room 15, 2nd Floor, City Hall Building, City Hall Drive, Davao City

(082) 225-3240


The City Economic Enterprise (CEE) is part of the Fiscal Management Departments of the City Government which is one of the Income Generation arm of the City Government of Davao. In view of the Agency’s Re-Organization in 1996,  the CEE, formerly an office under the Office of the City Administrator, was established as a department created primarily for the management of Nine (9) important units providing frontline services to the public and in return generate revenues for the City Government of Davao.

The services offered by the office include:

  • Leasing of Market Stalls to the Public in the City-owned Public Markets.
  • Use of Terminal Bays, Spaces, Stalls/Stands by buses, vendors, porters, and advertisers at the Davao City Overland Transport Terminal.
  • Slaughtering of Animals for public consumption at the city-owned Slaughterhouses.
  • Docking and unloading of cargoes and passengers at Sta. Ana Port.
  • Bookings for the use of the Davao City Recreation Center (Almendras Gym).
  • Grave Lot, Compartmentalized Niches, Ossuaries lease application for burials and accommodation of Pauper’s Burial at the City-owned Public Cemeteries.
  • Lease of Space by Stalls/Stands and Special Sections inside the Pasalubong Center.
  • Issues Tax Order of Payments and Monitoring of Payments for the following Spaces occupied under the Special Projects to which includes the Night Market.
  • Use of Office Spaces by the various offices of the Local Government Unit of the City Government of Davao as well as the National Agencies of the Government.

The City Economic Enterprise is located at City Room 15, 2nd Floor, City Hall Building, City Hall Drive, Davao City. You may contact them through (082) 225-3240 or email them at

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