The City Council has set a fine of P5,000 against persons using or producing fake or tampered Covid-19 medical test results or other health verification documents in the new city ordinance approved on Tuesday.

The new ordinance covers Covid-19 Medical Test result and other health verification documents which are defined as any test administered to confirm that a person is negative of the SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) such as but not limited to the reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction(RT-PCR) test, rapid antigen test, other serologic tests, or any other similar tests that may be used in the future. 

Under Section 2 of the ordinance, the falsified and tampered result is defined as:

False result  – 

  a. a document procured by a person which alleges that a person has tested negative of the Covid-19 virus but in fact was not actually tested, or when tested was actually found to be positive of the virus, but through machinations has obtained a document indicating the contrary;

  b. a document purporting to be a result obtained from a valid and licensed Covid-19 testing center, but in fact it is not. 

Tampered result – 

  a. a document obtained from a valid and licensed Covid-19 testing center, but was altered or modified in order to reflect a negative result;

  b.a document obtained from a valid and licensed Covid-19 testing center but details such as dates, names, contact details were changed to misinterpret the facts surrounding the issuance.

Section 3 of the ordinance states that anyone using a falsified and tampered result will be fined P5,000. 

Meanwhile, persons or establishments who shall fabricate any false or tampered result, or shall present themselves as testing centers, without proper authority from the Department of Health will also be penalized with the administrative fee of 5,000 pesos. 

The ordinance is passed after numerous incidents involving persons presenting fake RT-PCR test results upon entry to Davao City, particularly the Francisco Bangoy International Airport. 

Since November 2020, 28 individuals have been caught presenting falsified RT-PCR test results upon arrival at the airport. CIO