The Employment Cycle

Human Resource Management Office

The office started as a Division under the City Mayor's Office. With only sixteen (16) plantilla personnel and a number of casual employees, the Personnel Division as it was then called, was responsible in the administration of personnel, retirement, and termination.

Pre-qualifyinh Exams

Pre-Qualifying Exams

A written examination administered by the City Government of Davao, designed to measure the abilities of appilicants to various permanent positions in the agency. Only those who pass this examination will be called for interview by the Personnel Selection Board.

PSB Interview

PSB Interview

A mechanism where the applicants are required to appear before the members of the Personnel Selection Board (PSB). In the process, the physical characteristics and personality traits of a potential employee is rated.

Trainings and Seminars

Training & Career Development Program

The City Government of Davao recognizes the increasing requirements for integrated high performance work systems, with emphasis on knowledge and skills and values necessary in to adapt to rapid changes in technology, and practical human resource management

Staff Development Meeting

Staff Development Meeting

Conducted every 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month, where development activities are discussed with staff and division updates conveyed. The same also serves as an avenue to encourage staff develop their knowledge, skills and abilites to enrich their role, to find new and improved ways in the delivery of public service.

Suroy Ta @ Peral Farm

Suroy Ta

Travel package is an incentive provided to the employees which is meant to promote camaraderie among city government employees as well as exhibit patriotism by visiting and exploring scenes and spots of cultural and historical values in Davao City and its neighboring cities and provinces.


Salu Salo Together

A meal hosted by superiors and supervisors for employees who have made significant contributions to the achievement of Office's goals


Physical Fitness

"The Great Filipino Workout" is a physical fitness project that aims to inculcate in the City Government employees the importance of a healthy lifestyle including a regimen of regular physical fitness activities and exercises.

Mass at City Hall

First Friday Mass Celebration

Spirituality brings in a sense of pride and dignity to public servants as they strive to find more meaning with what they are doing in the workplace. Anchored on this idealism, the City Government of Davao is holding mass every 1st Friday of the month.


Salamat Paalam

Salamat-Paalam Program is a simple but meaningful ceremony held every year giving recognition to the contributions of the retiring officials and employees in the City Government of Davao.